This Fisherman's Friend Ad Compares Today's Colds to a Knight's Sniffle

 - Nov 7, 2015
References: marketingmag
This ad for Fisherman's Friend features a wild display of knights fighting, which aims to compare today's cold to those of the past. This exciting commercial uses a voice-over to speak on behalf of the handy cough drops in a manly voice.

The voice over says that today's colds would never affect a heroic knight. The ad displays another man in a fighting ring nub his nose on a bystanders shirt to get rid of his nose germs. Then, the ad reveals a modern day scene of a man who is sick in bed and simply cannot move. The voice-over says "There was a time when that sniffle meant your booger was looking for a place to hide. Sadly times have changed."

The ad closes with the caption "Fisherman's Friend, suck it up." The closing statement is a reference for the brand's hard candy cough drops that soothe any common cold symptoms.