The Cascaqua is a Ecological Plant Grower and Fish Tank Design

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: avooq & tuvie
Cascaqua is a modern fish tank design that uses aquaponics and a 3D-printing system to allow aquatic life and greenery to flourish in virtually any environment. The product is made from a fish bowl that connects to a series of white tube pods that allow for small sized plants to flourish and bloom.

Fish tanks often boast an ecosystem that is self-sustaining and the Cascaqua device leverage on this concept by allowing the combination of the fish and the plants to sustain one another. The product comes with two features, first a fish bowl that uses hydroponics to connect to a series of stacked grow beds overtop for plants to cultivate without the need for soil. The plants and fish simultaneously feed and support one another free from the use of chemicals to treat the water.