Finger-In Cups Provide Added Grip Through an Invisible Hand

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
These Finger-In Cups reference the smooth and glossy silhouette of the common drinking glass yet they embody a set of unusual features. Designer Fanson Meng serves up a reliably graspable collection of tableware, already manipulated by a pair of hands during production.

Where the featureless pint glass or tumbler might easily slip away from wet digits, it's very difficult to loose your grip on these. The impressions of fingertips that appear to perforate the transparent skin of the vessels enter over 1 centimeter deep, making part of the user's interaction with the beverage container resemble that with a bowling ball.

Practically speaking, the Finger-In cups are significantly more user-friendly than their conventional counterparts. Aesthetically, they offer unexpected visual intrigue that adds to their appeal.