This Service Will Find a Lipstick That Matches a Customer's Hair Color

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: allure & bustle
'Lime Crime' just launched a new website that will find a lipstick that matches each customer's hair color. While rainbow-colored hair has become extremely popular, it can be difficult to find cosmetics that complement these unexpected hues. This website helps customers find the perfect makeup to match their vibrant tresses.

Lime Crime is an indie cosmetics brand that specializes in non-traditional lipstick colors. Instead of offering traditional drug-store hues, the company sells lipstick colors such as fuchsia, teal and even black. Lime Crime's latest online feature relies on a customer's hair color in order to find a lipstick in the perfect shade. The website offers two different options for each hair color, which gives customers more shades to choose from.

Lime Crime's new service is perfect for customers who are unsure of what makeup to pair with their bold and vibrant strands.