Kids Brought Up By Animals

 - May 22, 2007   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: feralchildren
Feral Children are kids that for whatever reason became lost from human society and were adopted by animals. There are lots of reports of monkeys and wolves adopting babies and raising them as their own. Some of the more bizarre stories include adoption of human children by panthers, ostriches, bears, gazelles and jackals. The website documents all the stories and reports over the ages and gives some real insight into this phenomenon.

Implications - While feral children are generally perceived as mythical, these real-life kids have supposedly been raised by animals including monkeys, wolves, gazelles and even ostriches. Adopting many of the traits of their "parents," such as walking on all fours or using certain noises to communicate, these children stand little chance of amalgamating into normal human society.