'Fender Tune' is Both a Standard Tuning App and an Ear Training Tool

 - Aug 11, 2016
References: itunes.apple & thenextweb
Since the dawn of rock and roll, Fender has been known for its legendary guitars and basses, so 'Fender Tune' is a jump into slightly unknown territory. The iOS-exclusive app is a helpful guitar tuner tool that Fender promises is "easy for beginners, accurate for pros," according to its App Store page.

Though there are literally thousands of guitar tuning apps on the App Store, Fender is throwing its brand identity behind Fender Tune because the app offers more than just tuning. One of its key features is the "Manual Tune" function, which helps musicians with ear training. In Manual Tune mode, rather than the guitarist or bassist playing a note and the app responding with pitch suggestions, the app plays a note and the player tunes their instrument to that sound. Naturally, the notes in Manual Tune are all high-quality recordings of Fender instruments.