The Feel Flux Toy Uses an Obscure Physics Principle to Confuse and Amuse You

 - May 14, 2014
References: indiegogo & gizmodo
The Feel Flux is an amazing little toy that uses the wonder of physics to entertain children and adults alike. The toy essentially consists of a couple of sleek cylinders and a metal ball. Looks pretty unspectacular, but when put into action, it's pretty mind-blowing. When the ball is dropped through the cylinder, it seemingly slows down and floats in midair before falling out through the bottom.

This phenomenon occurs because the ball is made of neodymium, a rare metal with very powerful magnetic force. When the ball falls through the Feel Flux cylinder -- which can be copper, aluminum or silver -- the moving magnetic field changes, creating a second magnetic field that resists the first one and causes the ball to slow down.

The Feel Flux toy makes use of this incredible effect. If you stack two cylinders and drop the ball in, you can keep switching the cylinders to keep the ball from hitting the ground. This could be something you want to do to attain meditative focus or simply impress and confuse your friends.