The Fear.Less Exhibit Examines Violence by Law Enforcement and Criminals

 - Oct 30, 2011
References: danieltingchong & mymodernmet
The Fear.Less art exhibit explores and examines the use of violence in South Africa. By honing in on the weapons used by both law enforcement and criminals, this exhibit sheds light on violent situations in a rather unbiased and creative manner.

Put together by artists Daniel Ting Chong and Jordan Metcalf, the Fear.Less art exhibit is comprised of such violent tools as guns, razors, handcuffs and broken bottles. These items aren't actually real. Instead, the Fear.Less art exhibit features representations of them that have been carved into wood.

By enlarging these weapons for visitors to inspect, the Fear.Less art exhibit hopes to encourage onlookers to re-examine these object's place and use in society, and reduce violence in the world at large.