YouTube's Grace Helbig Teaches Us Ridiculous Father's Day Mug Sayings

 - Jun 7, 2014
As part of her gig uploading daily videos on YouTube, Grace Helbig offers people watching how to make thoughtful Father's Day mug designs. Instead of showing real mugs, the YouTuber uses mug drawings as a visual aid. Her hilarious suggestions are sure to make for a memorable Father's Day.

Her cute and quirky Father's Day gift ideas only cover the mug design arena. Her take on the classic coffee cup is definitely unusual, however. With sayings like 'My daughter is underdeveloped emotionally because I was too busy drinking coffee' and 'I have a drinking problem,' these customized Father's Day mugs are definitely ones you won't find in stores. Unless you inherited your incredible sense of humor from your dad, it is probably best to go with a different concept this year.