Make Your Dad this Dainty DIY Handkerchief for Father's Day 2014

 - May 23, 2014
References: makezine & makezine
Father's Day 2014 is quickly approaching and if you want to make a personalized gift for your dad this year, you should try out this super simple personalized handkerchief tutorial made with handmade anchor stamps.

To make this neat Father's Day gift that your dad will get a ton of use out of all, you need is a piece of fabric, fabric paint, cardboard and an empty film canister. Depending on your dad's hobbies, you can customize the handmade stamp to suit something he's interested in. For example, if your dad loves to go sailing, you can cut out an anchor shape from the cardboard. Glue the cardboard shape onto the empty film canister to create your very own handheld stamp. Choose an ink color and have fun stamping your homemade stamp across a piece of pocket-sized luxurious fabric.