Fast Society Gives the Heavy Texter's Thumbs a Much Needed Break

 - Mar 22, 2011
References: fastsociety & crunchbase
Fast Society is a new spin on communicating with your friends, your colleagues, your family--anyone -- with utmost ease. Fast Society allows its user to create a team of their friends to send mass texts, locations, and conference calls. Download the app for your smart phone for free!

Do you ever get annoyed having to add all contacts when you send a mass text message? Fast society allows you to dial one number to reach your entire posse. It's essentially like an MSN group chat conversation, but on your smart phone. Exhausted of texting in general? Just text the word 'call' and you're automatically hooked up with a private conference number to talk to your entire crew of friends at once.

Also, for the stalkers at heart, know exactly where your friends who downloaded the smart phone app are, and share your locations with one another. Did you somehow get split from your friends at the bar? Fast Society's got you covered.