China's FAST Will Search for Extraterrestrial Life

 - Sep 26, 2016
References: news.xinhuanet & mashable
In the mountains of Pingtang County in Guizhou, China, researchers and engineers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have activated the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope -- or FAST. The gigantic telescope, which covers the area of approximately 30 football fields, is meant to search for extraterrestrial life by detecting minute radio emissions.

FAST is a tremendous and expensive experiment, costing the Chinese government 1.2 billion yuan. The money was well spent, however, as the FAST has already detected electromagnetic waves from a pulsar 1,351 light-years way from Earth, according to the national news agency Xinhua.

Whether or not the telescope will be able to detect intelligent alien life is impossible to predict, but the technology offers a solid shot. According to the scientists behind the project, FAST could easily detect a single cell phone being used on the moon.