Fantastic Voyage by Slinkachu is a Petite World in a Puddle

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: little-people.blogspot & neatorama
Have you ever wondered how the perspective of being tiny would dramatically alter your experience of living on Earth? Fantastic Voyage by Slinkachu affords a fantastical look at what this might be like if you were under two centimeters tall.

The iconic artist has produced scores of such whimsical scenes in which miniature figurines become the protagonists in elaborate tales. The tiny tableaus are set up carefully to describe enchanting little spectacles and a photograph is snapped good and close to magnify the minute world.

In this particular picture, a bright green shoelace takes the form of a sea serpent, which approaches an aging sailer and a boy floating on a beer cap rowboat. For a moment you are consumed in Fantastic Voyage by Slinkachu, until the camera pans out to reveal just a puddle in a parking lot.