Artist Patrik Svensson Inserts Trademarks into Famous Names

 - Jan 26, 2015
References: ps-illustration.tumblr & designtaxi
There are famous names and then there are the people behind the names. One artist has decided to combine the two in a whimsical illustration series that many will have to look at twice to notice the tiny details. Although the famous names take on a casual calligraphy of sorts, carefully embedded within are nods to their character.

For instance, Peter Pan can be seen flying into the sky as a fairy tale 'T' while the S in Shelock Holmes looks suspiciously like a pipe. Illustrated by Patrik Svensson, an artist hailing from Sweden, the famous names creatively show how some people and characters can be defined by a single action or object. Of course, it helps when such famous names are rendered by as talented an artist as Svensson.