The 'FallenTree' Bench Merges Natural and Artificial

 - Jun 11, 2013
References: ymeretmalta & mymodernmet
Combining the natural and industrial, the 'FallenTree' bench by Benjamin Graindorge is a surreal piece of seating. The bench looks like someone decided to carve a bench out of a tree but stopped half way through. Half of FallenTree is smooth and finished wood, while the other half is composed of branches. As a result, the bench has a natural feel to it while remaining sleek and modern.

Grandorge created the piece for Design Miami with oak and glass. Using the two basic materials, the artist set out to pay homage to the source of his materials. According to Grandorge, "The FallenTree bench is intended to reveal the wood’s DNA, to express its deepest nature by attempting to highlight the living fiber it is made of."