The 'Fakebook: The Rise of Bogus Users in Facebook' Infographic

 - Aug 8, 2012
'Fakebook: The Rise of Bogus Users in Facebook' infographic explains the history and rise of fake accounts on the popular social media platform. Most people are on, or at least know someone on, Facebook. Facebook profiles are a way to connect with friends you once knew, family you don't get to see often and others you see everyday.

As the most popular social media site, it hosts tons of clients ready for the taking -- which is exactly why spammers and sneaky scammers look to create these bogus accounts. However, this only accounts for approximately 5 percent of the 955 million profiles on Facebook currently. But that does mean that 83 million accounts are sketchy or looking to hook you. By banning over 20,000 profiles a day, Facebook is on top of the problem, but with a problem so large it's difficult to really get a grasp.