'Fake Number Club' Lets Users Turn Down Unwanted Texts and Calls

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: fakenumber.club & techcrunch
The dating scene can be unfortunately ruthless, and 'Fake Number Club' is a service that helps people show at least some momentary mercy. The service is a generic phone number that will automatically respond to calls and texts with a message indicating that the number is a dud.

A text to Fake Number Club will receive the blunt yet concise reply of "We're sorry, but you were given a fake number because the person who gave it to you did not want you to have their real phone number." If someone chooses to call the number, a recorded message will read the same note, only adding, "I'm sure you're a wonderful human being...Please do not take this to heart."

Though the messages would surely be disparaging for a hopeful romantic, the system is still likely easier on one's feelings than being shut down on the spot.