Fairchildart Creates Miniature Dishes for Decoration

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: etsy & ufunk.net
These adorable miniature food by Fairchildart are a fun way to decorate dollhouses and every outfit. Their size and level of detail are the most impressive aspect of these products; they are identical to real dishes -- too bad they aren't edible.

Fairchildart specializes in creating accessories and jewelry for different purposes and occasions. Some of the creations are sushi trays, macaroons, pumpkins, noodle bowls, cookies jars, turkeys, salmon earrings and cakes, all dishes smaller or about the size of a fingertip. The textures, the colors and shape are carefully handcrafted to develop an item that accurately resembles the original.

The Fairchildart combines art and cuisine to add fun and entertainment to activities and games that requires little meals. These conversation starters creations are sure to stir up some interest whenever they go.