Here are 11 Unknown and Hilarious Facts About Canada

 - Nov 13, 2012
Canadians are often thought of as lumberjacks, living in igloos and commuting on sleds, but this infographic highlights some crazy facts about Canada you may not have known.

Starting off the list of crazy Canuck facts is Canadians consume on average of 1 billion cups of coffee a year. The national Canadian delicacy poutine has the same amount of fat as 58 cups of rice. Canadians have also won 44 medals in one olympic game and have yet to beat this score since 1984. Around 66% of Canadians believe marijuana should be legalized, while 73% of British Columbians have the same view.

Canada is an amazing country with stunning landscapes and beautiful people. This country may host some crazy thoughts, but it's a charming place.