Facet Studio Designs Retail Space Based on a System of Tube Dispensers

Australia-based design company Facet Studio has created this innovative retail interior design for Streetology in Sydney, Australia.

Streetology specializes in stylish urban apparel and streetwear brands from across the globe. Boasting Sydney’‘s largest collection of New Era caps, Streetology now—thanks to Facet Studio—has an interior design that is as trendy as its offerings.

The most notable feature of the new space is its system of T-shirt tubes and dispensers. These tubes, which are each 100 mm in diameter and made of plastic, are encased in 100-by-1,500 mm dispensers. At their maximum capacity, the dispensers can hold 2,550 plastic tubes of rolled-up tees. When a T-shirt is sold, the tube disappears from the dispenser. According to the designers, they designed this innovative tube and dispenser system to "visualize commerciality."