Faces by Benoit Paille Captures the Beauty of the Human Spirit

 - Jun 27, 2013
References: benoitp & visualnews
There is an undeniable beauty to the human face that the faces by Benoit Paille captures. It doesn't matter if they aren't conventionally beautiful, although through the Montreal-based photographer's lens, it is hard to see them any other way. The detail and emotion captured in each shot will strike a cord in any viewer's heart.

Whether weathered or young, freckled or wrinkled, the faces by Benoit Paille is filled with a range of different characteristics that all have one basic thing in common: the human spirit pouring out of their soulful eyes. Paille writes, "I am above all else constantly experimenting with my immediate environment, both social and natural. To put it more accurately, my work focuses on questioning the limits imposed by humanity." By doing so, he captures mystery and depth in human faces.