The Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet Infographic Gives View Pointers

 - Dec 29, 2012
References: linchpinseo &
When it comes to uncovering the world of social media, most of us wonder how some of our statuses, pictures and posts gain more views than others; the Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet infographic teaches you how to gain those views you want. When it comes to more likes on photos, posting to your own wall will attract 39% more traffic then in a regular album.

Depending on whether you are an avid emoticon user or not, the kind of silly faces you post on your wall will draw in more attention. The bigger the emoticon face, the bigger the reaction you will receive. Posts with 80 or less words recieve 29% more views then one that is longer. Take these tips into consideration not only for your Facebook likes and shares, but your Klout score as well.