Mean Facebook Comment Inspires Lowri Ryland to Get Nose Job

 - Aug 13, 2009
References: dailymail & fashionindie
Two weeks after receiving a mean comment on one of her photos on Facebook, 21-year-old Lowri Ryland got a nose job. Shortly thereafter, she placed in the top three in a beauty pageant. Her case has sparked a debate regarding online bullying, especially as it pertains to young men and women.

"Someone had written that with a nose that big I should wear a mask to cover it up. That made me realise that everybody else could notice it," said Lowri Ryland to the Daily Mail about her Facebook-inspired nose job. "I was really upset. I could just imagine people talking about me. It really knocked my confidence."

Surprisingly, however, Lowri Ryland doesn't hold a grudge against the girl who left the comment on her Facebook photo. "She apologised and said she didn't think I would take it that far. She said my nose looked really good now. I feel as if she really did me a big favour."

Will mean Facebook comments inspire more cosmetic surgery, or was Lowri Ryland's nose job an isolated case?