A Much-Anticipated Facebook Dislike Button is Coming to Social Media

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: venturebeat & fastcompany
After years of discussion, wishing and waiting on the part of its users, a Facebook Dislike button is finally on its way.

Currently, the Like button is used to express everything from appreciation of a picture to agreement with a post to congratulations for a life event. Now, a Facebook Dislike button will allow users to express the opposite. However, the motivation behind the Facebook Dislike button is not to give users an outlet for their casual disapproval or alignment with an opposite point of view, but rather -- as Mark Zuckerberg stated in a town hall Q&A -- to allow for expressing empathy or condolences for a negative event in their Facebook friends' lives.

While it may not be appropriate for larger tragic life events, the Facebook dislike button will finally give Facebook users an appropriate response for their friends' updates on fender benders, failed classes and deceased goldfish.