The Face Substitution App Lets You be Someone Else on Camera

 - Jan 24, 2014
References: & geekologie
The new Face Substitution App is a program that can map any person's face off of their webcam and transform it into someone or something else. From an Edvard Munsch Scream style face to Walter White from Breaking Bad, Chuck Norris, Rihanna and even President Obama, the user has a wide variety of virtual faces to pick from.

This browser based face manipulation app uses WebGL and ClmTracker (a Javascript library built specifically for facial feature tracking.) Created by Norwegian developer Audun Mathias Oygard, the Face Substitution app is a lot of fun and lets you be you weird, wacky or just outright silly. From the Queen and Justin Bieber to Picasso and Kim Kardashian, these faces make your webcam so much more fun.