Sony Demos Face Recognition Technology Turns Gaming Into Real Life

 - Nov 24, 2009
References: gizmodo
If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of Hi-Tech Manufacturers, Sony’s Face Recognition Technology is a good example.  The R&D has been ongoing, but a Face Recognition Library using PlayStation Eye was formally presented at the 2009 CESA Developers Conference (CEDEC).

One use of the technology could be to generate virtual world avatars in real time. When a player appears in front of the camera, their face is scanned and analyzed by the Face Recognition Library Software.  A digital character face is superimposed over the players face, and brought to life by giving the character the player’s facial expressions.  So, if a player talks or smiles those same expressions are replicated in real-time on the new avatar.

This adds an even more realistic element to gaming, and a whole new level of social interaction using real-time expression. For a demo of this fascinating technology, be sure to watch the video.