This Fabrice Le Nezet Installation is Tense But Balanced

 - Jun 4, 2012
References: fabricelenezet &
London-based artist Fabrice Le Nezet explains on his Behance page that his recent installation pieces, collectively titled 'Measure,' are intended to explore tension and balance.

With each piece, he aims to physically represent tension through emphasizing tangible, measurable features such as weight, angle and distance. Standing under some of his pieces, one could be forgiven for feeling less than safe. Indeed, the sense of tension is so palpable that it borders on pensiveness.

Nezet created his work using raw materials like concrete and steel to form simple, polygonal shapes. This simplicity allows one to appreciate the tension they are meant to convey without being distracted by their aesthetics.

Much art, especially post-modern art, can become quite cerebral and detached. In contrast, Fabrice Le Nezet's work is visceral and straightforward.