Mahmoud Hassan Merges Pencil Crayons with Animals and More

 - May 7, 2013
The ‘True Colors’ campaign by Mahmoud Hassan is an intriguing collection of manipulated photographs, merging pencil crayons with various other items and animals. This crazy collection was put together for the ‘True Faber-Castell’ campaign. These imaginative shots see things like a gray pencil crayon merged with a shark, a brown pencil crayon merged with a puppy and a red pencil crayon combined with a fire engine.

This is a really neat way for Faber-Castell (one of the largest pencil manufacturers is the world) to show customers that the company is the best at what it does. Nothing convinces you that a pencil crayon is ‘fire engine red’ like seeing it connected to the real thing. Hassan is obviously a talented, creative artist and this campaign is both memorable and cute.