Faber Kitchen Ventilation Ads

 - Oct 30, 2008
References: faberonline & adsoftheworld
This new ad campaign for Faber, a kitchen ventilation company, communicates the benefits of their product by showing that without proper ventilation in the home, people can smell just like the food they cook.

And by smell, I mean really rank odors; they replaced chef's heads with a giant eggplant and heads of chickens and goats.

Considering the campaign was created for the Indian market, the approach is particularly witty and effective since Indian food is famous for its rich aromas, thanks to heavy spices and oils.

I like it; it is pretty funny, and surely an attention grabber.

The October 2008 campaign was created by Saints and Warriors, Mumbai, India with creative directors Amitabh Chatterjee, Raja Haldankar, art director Raja Haldankar, photographer Amol Jadhav and copywriter Debanjan Basak.