eyeDriver Lets You Control Your Car With Your Eyeballs

 - Apr 27, 2010
References: alphagalileo.org
Cars are becoming so intelligent that soon we will no longer need to drive them, they will drive themselves. The eyeDriver software brings us one step closer by eliminating the need to use the steering wheel.

eyeDriver allows the 'driver' to control the steering wheel by using simple eye movements. If the driver looks left, the car steers itself to the left. If the driver looks right, the car steers itself to the right. When the driver keeps their eyes closed, the car stops.

eyeDriver autonomous driving is another genius advance by the team at Freie Universität Berlin together with SMI (SensoMotoric Instruments). The tests were carried out in the Spirit of Berlin car which was also used to demonstrate how you can drive a car with an iPhone.