The Eye Stick by Kim Tae-Jin Uses Ultrasonic Sensors

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: yankodesign
The Eye Stick does more than simply keep the visually impaired out of harm's way. It boasts some hi-tech touches to ensure that they can maneuver around public spaces as though they have some semblance of sight.

Designed by Kim Tae-Jin, the Eye Stick takes on a very sci-fi aesthetic. In fact, one may rightly liken it to a Lightsaber. Taking the form of a simple handle, the Eye Stick projects an LED light that alerts others of the user's presence.

More excitingly, however, is the Eye Stick's ultrasonic sensors, which help to determine distance to allow users to navigate their surroundings easier. They can also obtain information about products by automatically scanning barcodes through a camera. The information is then converted to voice through a Bluetooth connection.