The 'Eye of the Lion' is a Boxer's Robe for Quidditch from 'Harry Potter'

 - Nov 15, 2016
References: thinkgeek
Sumptuous, flowing robes are one of the hallmarks of a high-stakes boxing match, but ThinkGeek is bringing that swaggering machismo into the world of fantasy with its 'Eye of the Lion' robe. Styled like a boxer's robe, Eye of the Lion instead references Quidditch, the wizardly sport from the world of 'Harry Potter.'

While the polyester, ankle-length, hooded robe has the hallmarks of a boxer's coat, it also includes several references to the 'Harry Potter' franchise. On the chest of the robe is the crest for Gryffindor, and the robe's red and yellow clor scheme is also in line with that house. Further, the back of the jersey reads "H. Potter" with the number "07" (i.e. number of novels in the series.)

Considering the popularity of boxing today as compared to the popularity of 'Harry Potter,' this robe is a gift that might outdo a pay-per-view subscription.