Foreo's 'IRIS' Massagers Remove Under-Eye Bags and Circles

 - Dec 14, 2016
References: foreo
Although Foreo is often first and foremost known for its handheld skin-cleansing devices, the brand also makes eye massagers to address other skincare concerns as well. The IRIS Eye Massager was specifically designed to reduce under-eye bags, circles and crow's feet with Alternating T-Sonic technology, leaving skin feeling refreshed, smooth and youthful. What's most interesting about the IRIS gadget is that it takes inspiration from an Asian fingertip tapping eye massage technique, yet the technology included in IRIS amplifies the effect that gentle fingertips have on the skin.

The IRIS Eye Massager features two modes, Pure and Spa, which offer different levels of massage based on the signs of aging shown by the skin.

As an alternative to making expensive and frequent trips to receive spa services, many consumers are simply opting to invest in at-home devices such as these that will tackle common skin issues.