The EYE Concept Envisions Synthetic Eyes Replacing Existing Eyeballs

 - Apr 22, 2015
References: mhoxdesign & gizmag
The EYE Concept is a vision for a brave new world in which people will be able to use synthetic bioprinted eyes to sharpen their vision or, better yet, be able to see the world through Instagram-like filters. The concept even posits that visual input could be transmitted wirelessly.

The EYE (short for 'Enhance Your Eye') will come in three models, EYE Heal, EYE Enhance and EYE Advance. EYE Heal would be used to replace defective eyes of the blind, while the other two would offer enhancements including filters, wireless transmissions and high visual acuity. All three would be customizable in color and shape.

The EYE Concept isn't expected to materialize in real form till 2027 at the earliest, and it's hoped that the project will provoke discussion on the role of technology in augmenting human abilities.