The exklim eX Core Packs Pure Performance in a Compact Package

 - Apr 30, 2018
References: exklim & uncrate
Achieving high-quality graphics on a laptop often involves bulky GPU setups, but the exklim eX Core portable GPU aims to provide premium graphics in a compact package. Touted as the smallest plug-and-play external graphics card, this portable GPU comes in at just 5.9’’x4.1’’x0.8’’ and weighs just 1.57 lbs. This size and weight makes the exklim eX Core about the same size as a portable external hard drive.

Within the compact shell, the portable GPU houses a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU. Accompanying the impressive GPU is exklim's Turbo Hashing Technology which offers up a 35% increase in Hashing Performance and utilizes "proprietary Patent Pending ASIC algorithm Technology." The inclusion of this technology makes the exklim eX Core an impressive Bitcoin harvester. The portable GPU is compatible with both MAC and Windows and connects via USB Type-C.