Jacked-Up Job Titles

 - May 16, 2007   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: forbes
In efforts at retaining employees without forking over hefty raises, some companies are trying to woo their staff by lavishing them with impressive sounding job titles... that in reality mean nothing. Not surprisingly, this isn't meeting with much success since most employees agree that a fancy-schmancy job title is not enough to make them stay in a job.

"Companies may have money to hire these days, but raises are still hard to come by. To boost morale and retention rates, firms have relied instead on compensating employees with bigger job titles. Unfortunately, that solution isn't working so well. A recent study by the executive recruitment firm Korn/Ferry International found 85% of respondents said a bigger job title alone will not convince them to stay in their job. "

Implications - Since the demands of today's consumer are evolving as rapidly as the market, new jobs are coming in to play to meet these demands.