Drink Recipe Generator Based on What You Have On Hand

 - Dec 30, 2008
References: idrink
Here’s a domain name that could be put to more profitable use: idrink.com. But, since I don’t own it, if the owners want to load the site up with thousands of alcoholic beverage recipes, who am I to argue? Over the weekend, I marveled at how I ended up with three full bottles of Peach Schapps, 1/2 bottle of Tia Maria, 1/2 bottle of Triple Sec and eleven bottles of Vodka, no Gin, and four bottles of Tequila. Here’s the real genius to idrink.com… plug in the booze on hand and the site will generate recipes to help deplete your supply. Their top ten drink recipes?

#1 Springbok

#2 Caribou loo

#3 Peachy Keen

#4 Tech N9ne Caribou Lou

#5 white freezie

#6 Long Beach

#7 Daiquiri Blossom

#8 Sloe Comfortable Screw Against a Wall

#9 Jag BoMb

#10 Havana Cocktail

Happy New Year!