The 'Evolution of the Handgun' Infographic is Historical

 - May 27, 2012
References: gunvault & coolinfographics
This 'Evolution of The Handgun' infographic is a fiery historical look at one of the most controversial products.

Though perhaps the content of the graph isn't universally appealing, the design of the chart is something special. Using realistic illustrations and integrating relevant images, including bullets, to portray data, this graph features a strong theme and is clear about its content. Featuring a very offbeat timeline feature, the chart uses a variation of different and easy-to-understand approaches to portray information. Focusing on both the history of the overall industry as well as particular models, this is a very thorough infographic, and would be a huge hit with handgun enthusiasts.

Making history interesting and providing a comprehensive breakdown of the evolution of handguns, this infographic is a point of interest no matter what your views on firearms may be.