These Illustrations Show Ordinary Items in Humorous Situations

 - Aug 14, 2015
References: ta7richa.tumblr &
These everyday object comics are the product of what happens when you let your mind wander far enough, mixing the most mundane and overlooked items with playful activities.

The collection entitled 'The Little Adventures of Everyday Objects' fittingly features objects we use so often that they are taken for granted. The Tunisian illustrator behind the series took to Tumblr to create these short comics under the moniker 'Ta7rich' The illustrator has a simple, yet whimsical art style that is sure to please animation fans everywhere.

The images contain content that can range anywhere from cute and comical to raunchy and obscene. One comic sees a court proceeding where the judge is ordering an egg white to separate from its yolk, playing on the idea of separation with this lighthearted comic referencing the breakfast staples.