The Espace Culturel de La Hague Building Features a Unique Angular Design

The Espace Culturel de La Hague building in Beaumont-Hague, France, feature a bold geometric design that is just as creative as the works housed inside. With its angular shape and eye-catching paint color, this building is perfect for inspiring creative thinking.

The Espace Culturel de La Hague was designed by the Paris studio Périphériques to function as a cultural center for music, theater and dance. The building itself draws inspiration from the peninsula on which it is located with its angular shape and modern landscaping. The architects chose the unusual design out of a desire to reinterpret the shape of the surrounding landscape. As a result, the exterior boasts a multi-dimensional surface that is made up of different triangular facets. This shape continues through the interior, adding an element of imagination of the cultural center.