Zocdoc's 'Escape the Wait' Transports Patients Out of the Waiting Room

 - Nov 21, 2016
References: zocdoc & stoppress.co.nz
ZocDoc's 'Escape the Wait' campaign recognizes what might as well be a platitude about medical appointments: for the most part, people would rather be somewhere else. To placate that desire, Escape the Wait is a virtually reality experience that uses the technology to transport patients to somewhere completely different while they wait for their appointment.

Generally, there are two ways that people feel while in a doctor's waiting room. The first is simply bored. By implementing a VR experience, those bored patients will be instantly entertained, making the time fly by. The second category -- perhaps a more important one -- is those who feel anxious during their wait. To help people in this latter category, the locales in ZocDoc's VR experiences are all calming (e.g. a yoga retreat, a horse pasture, or a seaside sunset.)