Eric Hason Captures Yoda on His Days off

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: erichason & featureshoot
When Yoda isn't dealing with corrupt intergalactic politicians or training young Padawans, he likes to take time off, which has been captured by Eric Hason.

Eric Hason is a talented photographer who decided that Yoda is probably just as interesting outside his career as a Jedi master. It turns out that the little green fella is just like everyone else and prefers the simpler things in life when he's not out to fight the Sith. The images capture Yoda going about his daily routines as an individual who enjoys reading the paper, paying his bills and reading in bed with the missus.

Hason captures a side of Yoda most have never seen. It's unusually entertaining to see the Jedi master go about life as if the Sith were non-threatening.