The Comic Organ Diagrams Depict Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction

 - Nov 22, 2012
References: doctorfox & infographicsmania
Some guys don't like talking about their inefficiencies in the love nest, but erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed about and happens for many reasons.

For instance, if you found yourself struggling to rouse your sleeping snake before you start to panic, consider how much alcohol you've consumed. According to this infographic, alcohol makes blood vessels wide, therefore resulting in a member that just won't stand at attention. If you're a smoker you may find yourself struggling with performance as well. Fatty materials and plaque build up in your arteries and prevent blood from flowing where you may desperately want it to flow -- if you get my drift.

In some cases, erectile dysfunction may be connected to severe illnesses, so it is always a good idea to consult a doctor if it's a common occurrence.