The EpiShell Encourages Allergy Sufferers to Have a Needle at All Times

 - Apr 24, 2014
References: hongyingguo & tuvie
The EpiShell is the very clever concept of Hong Ying Guo. The designer discusses the fact that many sufferers of anaphylactic allergies often don't carry their potentially lifesaving dose of epinephrin with them and that infrequency of use can lead to forgetfulness of how the needle is operated. Guo's solution is comprehensive.

By turning the injection casing into a wireless mobile phone charger as well, the user will be sure to carry the doubly handy gadget everywhere. When the EpiShell is powered up, it serves as a cordless induction charger for your device.

Should an allergic reaction happen, open the EpiShell and your synced smartphone will begin dictating instructions. The accompanying app can also tell you vital information about the syringe contents' expiration.