EPIC Provisions' 'Maple Bacon Pork Cracklings' are Paleo and Organic

 - Jan 26, 2017
References: instagram & epicbar
EPIC Provisions, a brand that offers 100% organic, non-gmo, and Paleo products recently updated its range to feature artisanal snack options. The company's products are also pastured, antibiotic free, low in sugar and gluten free.

Recently released were its 'Maple Bacon Pork Cracklings,' which are fried hog skins seasoned to perfection. As the meat is taken from the shoulder of the animal, it has a tougher texture than most other meat and doesn't have a lot of fat either. This makes it crispy and easier to chew. In addition, the cracklings have skin adhered to some of the small pieces, which give it more texture and an even crispier finish.

Low carb and full of flavor, this product from EPIC Provisions is a great snack for meat-lovers who are trying to consume more healthy protein.