The Eole Water Turbine Purification System Grabs Liquid from Air

 - May 6, 2012
References: eolewater & treehugger
The Eole Water Wind Turbine, invented by Marc Parent, has developed a way to utilize the heavy winds in the desert to harness water-making abilities. The turbine condenses water from the winds and collects it for sanitation and refinement.

Originally stumbling upon this idea while living in the Caribbean, Parent realized that his air conditioner was storing water and marvelled at the capability of a system where this had an actual objective.

A current prototype has been up and functioning since October in Abu Dhabi, and has reportedly collected between 500 and 800 litres of water a day. Since pulling in more investors, Eole Water is expected to produce more of these super-powered water manufacturers to be scattered around isolated and rural areas with limited access to water.