When Environmentalism Met Business

 - Mar 31, 2007
References: perc.org
If "Green Business" (by any other name) means business embracing the concepts of environmentalism, then Enviropreneurship (ENVP) means environmentalists learning the concepts of business. ENVP is about "bringing market principles to resolve environmental problems." It encourages market-based solutions to environmental problems by educating environmentalists principles of economics and market.

It's on the opposite end of the Economics-Environment spectrum to Social Entrepreneurship.

So ENVP is not when the local factory incorporates green productions methods, but when the Greenpeace folks learn market principles. Either way, it puts business and environment in one bed, ending a long divorce.

The Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) holds an Enviropreneur Camp in Montana State University and offers programs for journalists, academics, conservation leaders, and other stakeholders.

A revolutionary concept that should replace confrontational activism with solution-oriented approach to environmental protection.