Deborah Weinstein Grasped the Opportunity at Hand with Courage

 - Nov 8, 2013
References: youtube
Trend Hunter met with Deborah Weinstein -- the seasoned President and Marketing Public Relations Specialist of Strategic Objectives -- to learn about her entrepreneurial endeavors that helped her discover her true passion.

Weinstein worked as a journalist in Canadian media for about a decade until she realized that there were entrepreneurial work opportunities in front of her. She teamed up with her sister and her business partner to produce Canada's first reality TV show, 'Thrill of a Lifetime.' They began with no budget and had to ask for volunteer support from brands, celebrities and the like. Because of their positivity and ambition, within two years they became very successful.

Entrepreneurial endeavors can be very intimidating because of the huge responsibility and commitment, but Weinstein believes that if you have something original and interesting to offer and if you have courage, flexibility and wisdom, you are guaranteed to be successful doing what you love.