Energy Touch Harnesses the Energy Generated by Finger Tapping

 - Oct 7, 2013
References: yankodesign
Given how many times we touch our smartphones each day, harnessing that expended finger energy to good use is what designer Chin-Po Tsai attempts to capitalize on with the Energy Touch.

Tsai's Energy Touch attempts to utilize the power of the touch, or the tapping movements we use with our fingers, and convert it into energy. Essentially, a multi-layered screen is placed on the LED screen of our smartphones and, using a transparent voltage layer comprised of micro nanometers, reclaim the energy produced by a user touching the screen hundreds of thousands of times a day. Tsai envisions that the Energy Touch could help increase the battery life of smartphones, but also help benefit the environment and conserve energy.

For Tsai, "the technique of the voltage layer innovatively combined with mobile phones' sticker has a great potential market and does not change [the] life habits of people."