The E-MX Electric Motorcycle is Designed with Subtly in Mind

 - Aug 19, 2013
References: umomasada & tuvie
"Minimalist" is the best way to describe the E-MX electric motorcycle. Designer Umo Masada's e-motorcycle was created with the idea of an "equilibrium" between a futuristic look and simplistic style. The result is a very minimalist motorcycle that draws attention to itself via subtly.

The E-MX electric motorcycle looks very, very different from contemporary bikes. For starters, its rear wheel was designed without a hub. Its frame is also thin and sleek. Storage compartments don't seem to have been included, and there doesn't seem to be any spots to put saddlebags. The E-MX electric motorcycle certainly attains its goal of futuristic minimalism. While the bike is strictly a concept, it is also a potential indicator of things to come from e-bikes with its light body and lack of overt flair.